Comparison with Uranium?

The Iranian nuclear history is there to demonstrate the military risks of the actual Uranium nuclear plants.

The production of Plutonium is considered as a disadvantage in time of peace. At the moment, the nuclear countries generate too much Plutonium, that each country has to manage itself.

In our countries, recycled Plutonium is used to create a new nuclear fuel, called MOX.

Military unusable

Thorium is a perfect anti-proliferation alternative, which can't be used to produce nuclear bombs. This is also one of the reason why it was originally not chosen to develop the current nuclear technology

military bomb

Consequence of the impossibility to generate Plutonium (PU-239) with the fission of Thorium : this process was neglected by the military industry.

De Gaulle (France's former president) refused to invest in Thorium technology for this reason.

The second reason for declaring Thorium military unusable is that decay products of U-233 is an important gamma emitter. This is a disadvantage for someone developping a bomb which could be detected by any commercial Geiger-meter...